What to Look for in a Roof When You’re Buying a Home

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Home showings can be overwhelming. From curb appeal to kitchens, bathrooms and utilities, home shopping can seem daunting. Many buyers don’t consider one of the most important aspects of a home before putting in an offer: the roof.

A roof is a home’s first line of defense from the elements. Here are some things to look for in a roof so you can prevent your dream home from turning into a nightmare.

  1. Mold on the Roof

    One of the most important things to look for in a roof is to check if it is mold-free with no curly edges or bulges. Mold is a fungus that can be black, white, green, and can be in all different shapes. The main reason for mold development is poor ventilation and water leakage.

    A moldy roof is often a direct result of water intrusion from the roof. Not only does mold affect the look of your roof, it comes with health risks. You should always look for a professional if you fear the home may have mold.

    The water causing the mold will puddle and spread into the house, which can lead to drywall issues as well as others. The water can also gather in the walls, which will result in various issues later on.

  2. Blocked Gutters

    Although an easy fixed, blocked gutters can cause major issues to a home’s roof. Ask your roofer is there is any debris sitting in the gutters. If so, water may be getting backed up out of the gutters and into the roof, which will cause problems over time.

    If the problem is fixed quickly, there should not be any issues. Check out our blog post on how to clean your gutters

  3. Missing or Broken Shingles

    This issue can be seen from the ground and must be caught quickly to avoid damage. If there are any shingles that are missing or broken, the roof is vulnerable to water damage. It is important to check your roof after each storm.

    We recommend keeping an extra box of shingles after you have installed a new roof so that fixing these broken or missing shingles is an easy solution.

  4. Water Stains

    If any of the rooms have ceilings with spots that are an off-white/beige color, that is a water stain. Water stains are a key indicator that there is a leak somewhere in the home. They are most commonly found on ceilings and upstairs bedrooms.

    Homeowners often try to cover these stains up with paint, but your roofer will be able to find out if there is a leak when they come to do an inspection.

  5. Roof Age

    It is important to note the age of the roof, which is located on the seller’s disclosure. An old roof will eventually need replacing, as it will not be properly protecting your home. The average roof will last up to 50 years depending on the material used.

    Check with your agent about the age of the roof before making an offer. You may need to budget the cost of repairs or potentially a new roof depending on its condition.

We always recommend the help of a professional to do your roof inspection, and to help you determine the cost, if any, to repair or replace the roof. It is important to be thorough when buying a home, so when you are determining whether it is your dream home, be sure your home’s first line of defense is in good working condition.