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Water Damage To The Flooring of A Home

In the event of water or flood damage, acting swiftly is imperative. First, ensure the safety of all occupants by switching off power in affected areas. Then, contact a professional water damage restoration service like Bold North Roofing for immediate assistance. Our experts are equipped to handle emergencies, helping to minimize damage and start the recovery process.

Dealing with water damage extends beyond just removing water. Professional remediation involves assessing the damage, drying out the affected areas, and restoring the property to its pre-damage state. Bold North Roofing specializes in comprehensive water damage restoration, ensuring your property is not only dried but also safe and habitable again.

The Bold North Insurance Timeline

  • Bold North Post-Flood Inspection

    After a flood, or water damage issue, a member of our professional team visits your property to inspect for potential damage, ensuring your property is thoroughly assessed and all issues are identified.

  • Homeowner Files A Claim

    (1 – 2 days later)

    If damage is found during the inspection, the homeowner files an insurance claim to start the process of receiving coverage for repairs or replacements.

  • Insurance Adjuster's Visit

    (1 – 2 weeks later)

    An insurance adjuster arrives on site to inspect your property, assesses the damage, and determine the amount of coverage your insurance policy will provide.

  • ACV Check Receipt

    (2 – 3 weeks later)

    The homeowner receives the Actual Cash Value (ACV) check, which represents the initial payment for the claim. If necessary, the homeowner sends the check to the mortgage company for endorsement.

  • Material Selection & Payment

    (Depends On Damage)

    The homeowner selects their new materials and writes a check for the combined amount of the ACV payment and the deductible to Bold North, securing the necessary funds for the project.

  • Project Completion & Invoicing

    (1 – 2 weeks later)

    Bold North Roofing completes the agreed-upon work and submits an invoice to the insurance company, detailing the job done and the costs incurred.

  • Depreciation Release & Final Inspection

    (1 – 2 weeks later)

    The insurance company releases the depreciation payment, while the mortgage company conducts a final inspection to verify that the work has been completed to satisfaction.

  • Final Payment

    (1 – 2 weeks later)

    The homeowner pays Bold North the remaining balance, concluding the restoration project and ensuring their property is protected against future weather-related damages.

We Are Proud To Serve The Greater Minneapolis Area

At Bold North Roofing & Contracting, we understand the critical importance of addressing water damage swiftly and efficiently. That’s why we offer free water damage inspections to both homeowners and business owners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Our team of seasoned restoration professionals is adept at thoroughly examining your property to pinpoint signs of water damage, wear and tear, and any vulnerabilities that could escalate into more severe issues.

During our comprehensive inspection, we meticulously assess areas commonly affected by water damage. This includes checking for leaks, signs of flooding, water stains, mold growth, and structural weaknesses that could be exacerbated by water exposure. We also evaluate the integrity of basements, crawl spaces, and other areas prone to water accumulation.

Following our inspection, you will receive a detailed report outlining our findings along with tailored recommendations for remediation or preventive measures. Should repairs be necessary, we’ll offer a complimentary estimate and collaborate with you to arrange a repair schedule that suits your convenience.

Don’t let minor water-related issues evolve into major concerns. Reach out to Bold North Roofing & Contracting today to book your no-cost water damage inspection, and take proactive steps to safeguard the integrity and safety of your property.

Bold North Roofing Team Performing A Roof Inspection

Understanding The Water Damage Restoration Process

Water Damage Restoration In Progress

When you call Bold North Roofing & Contracting to come and help with water damage in your home or business, you can expect a full-service treatment. We work hard to ensure that we return your property to as close to the way it was before the damage as possible.

What Are The Restoration Steps?

  • Step 1: Emergency Contact

    The first step in addressing water damage is to contact a professional restoration service immediately. Time is of the essence, as water damage can rapidly worsen, leading to more severe issues like structural damage or mold growth. When you call Bold North Roofing & Contracting, we respond promptly, ready to tackle the emergency head-on.

    Customer Guidance:

    • Reach out as soon as you notice water damage.
    • Provide a clear description of the situation to help us prepare adequately.
    • Be prepared to answer questions about the source of the water, the extent of the damage, and access to the affected area.
  • Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

    Upon arrival, our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to assess the extent of the water damage. We determine the water source, the type of water (clean, gray, or black), and the areas impacted. This assessment is crucial in devising a strategic plan for restoration.

    Customer Guidance:

    • Accompany our team during the inspection if possible, to provide insights about the property.
    • Understand that identifying the water source is crucial for effective remediation.
    • Expect us to use specialized tools to detect hidden moisture and map the extent of the damage.
  • Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction

    This step involves removing the bulk of the water from your property using high-powered pumps and vacuums. Speed is critical to prevent the spread of damage and mold growth. Our team works diligently to extract water swiftly and efficiently, even from hard-to-reach areas.

    Customer Guidance:

    • Prepare for the use of heavy-duty equipment.
    • Ensure that there is access to electricity and water sources if needed for the equipment.
    • Keep a safe distance from the working area for your safety.
  • Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

    After water removal, the next step is drying and dehumidifying the affected areas. This process involves the use of industrial air movers and dehumidifiers. It’s crucial for preventing mold growth and further damage to structures and furnishings.

    Customer Guidance:

    • Be aware that this step can take several days, depending on the extent of the damage.
    • Maintain a consistent temperature in the property to aid the drying process.
    • Avoid using the affected area until the drying process is complete.
  • Step 5: Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Water damage often requires professional cleaning of the affected areas, including furnishings and personal items. Our team provides thorough cleaning services, along with sanitizing and deodorizing, to eliminate any health hazards and unpleasant odors.

    Customer Guidance:

    • Separate items that need cleaning and inform our team.
    • Discuss any items of sentimental value that need special care.
    • Understand that some materials may not be salvageable and may require disposal.
  • Step 6: Restoration

    The final step in the water damage restoration process is the restoration of your property to its pre-damage condition. This step can involve minor repairs like replacing drywall and painting, or major renovations like rebuilding entire rooms or areas of the property.

    Customer Guidance:

    • Discuss the restoration plan with our team to understand the scope of work.
    • Consider upgrades or improvements during the restoration process.
    • Plan for a possible temporary relocation if major restoration work is required.

Common Causes and Risks of Water Damage

Causes and Risks of Water Damage

Water damage can stem from a myriad of sources, each posing unique risks to your property. Heavy rainfall and natural disasters can lead to flooding, while domestic issues like burst pipes, leaking appliances, or overflowing toilets and sinks are common culprits within the home. Even seemingly minor leaks, if left unchecked, can cause significant damage over time.

Understanding Common Causes:

  • Weather-Related Issues: These include heavy rains, flash floods, and snow melts. They can overwhelm drainage systems and lead to water intrusion in your property.
  • Plumbing Problems: These range from burst pipes to leaking faucets. In winter, frozen pipes can burst, causing significant water damage.
  • Appliance Failures: Dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters can malfunction, leading to slow leaks or sudden bursts of water.

Recognizing Risks:

  • Structural Damage: Water can weaken building materials, leading to structural issues.
  • Mold and Mildew Growth: Damp conditions are perfect for mold spores to thrive, posing health risks and damaging surfaces.
  • Electrical Hazards: Water damage near electrical systems can create serious safety hazards.
Water Damage Restoration In Progress

FAQs About Water Damage In Minnesota

  • What are the most common causes of water damage in homes and businesses?

    The most common causes include plumbing issues (like burst pipes), appliance failures (such as washing machine overflows), natural disasters (floods, heavy rainfall), roof leaks, and issues related to HVAC systems. Each source poses unique challenges and requires specific approaches for mitigation and restoration.

  • How quickly should I respond to water damage?

    Immediate response is crucial. The longer water sits, the more damage it can cause. Mold growth can begin within 24-48 hours of water exposure. Quick action can minimize damage, reduce restoration costs, and prevent the growth of mold and other contaminants.

  • Can I handle water damage cleanup myself, or should I call professionals?

    Small, contained areas might be manageable on your own, but for extensive, complex, or hidden water damage, it’s advisable to call professionals. We have the necessary equipment, expertise, and safety gear to handle the situation effectively and prevent future problems.

  • What are the risks of untreated water damage?

    Untreated water damage can lead to structural damage, electrical hazards, mold and mildew growth, and can even attract pests. It can also result in long-term health issues due to mold exposure and compromise the structural integrity of the building.Untreated water damage can lead to structural damage, electrical hazards, mold and mildew growth, and can even attract pests. It can also result in long-term health issues due to mold exposure and compromise the structural integrity of the building.

  • Does insurance typically cover water damage?

    Coverage depends on the source of the damage and the specifics of your insurance policy. Generally, water damage from sudden and accidental events is covered, while damage from neglect or lack of maintenance is often not. Flood damage usually requires a separate flood insurance policy.

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