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Why Proper Attic Insulation Keeps Your Roof and Home Healthy

If you are a homeowner in Minnesota, you know the impact your roof faces each year. The insulation in your attic plays a key role in keeping your roof healthy. Not only does it help reduce the risk of damage from leaks, mold growth, and ice dams, but it can improve the overall energy efficiency with your HVAC system as well. Here are three ways attic insulation benefits your home:

1. Reduced Risk of Leaks & Mold Growth

If your attic is not adequately insulated and it develops cracks or gaps, this could put your home at risk to significant damage. Leaks often begin small, however, they can still infiltrate your shingles causing damage and possible mold growth. If not addressed, these leaks can become larger due to improper temperature regulation caused by lack of insulation.

2. Ice Dam Prevention

As we mentioned in a previous blog, ice dams form when water on the warmer parts of the roof melts, and then refreezes when it reaches the colder spots. A well-insulated attic prevents ice dams by ensuring your roof maintains a consistent temperature. To help prevent ice dams, you may need to add more insulation on the attic floor, and more vents as well which helps reduce possible mold growth.

3. Overall Energy Efficiency

One of the largest benefits of proper attic insulation is overall energy efficiency by reducing temperature loss through your roof. With adequate insulation, your home is able to retain the indoor temperature while preventing the outdoor temperatures to infiltrate your attic. Not only will this reduce ice dams, possible mold growth and condensation issues, it will also lower your monthly utility bills as well.

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