What Size Hail Will Damage a Roof?

We have seen a lot of hail in Minnesota already this year. A lot of homeowners will wonder whether or not it left damage to their home, but even further, you may wonder, “What size hail will damage my roof?”

Pea-Sized Hail (1/4”)

A mild hail storm will produce around 1/4” sized hail before shifting back to rainfall. Under these conditions your roof can often handle this just fine, but it is important to take into consideration the age and condition of the roof. If the roof has previous damage, this will further it.

Quarter-Sized Hail (1”)

Any hail of this size that has hit your roof warrants an immediate call to a local, reputable roofer. It is critical to choose a company that with meet with you soon after and works directly with your insurance company to discuss possible damage. Damage left from hail of this size can lead to more extensive and expensive conditions.

Golf Ball-Sized Hail (1.5-4.5”)

While it may sound rare, this is not uncommon in Minnesota. The Twin Cities metro area was recently pelted by golfball-sized hail in May of 2022. Storms of this severity are almost certain to leave significant damage.

hail damage spots on roof

These dents are pretty noticeable if you know what to look for, and an experienced roofing contractor shouldn’t miss them. But if you can’t see large dents in the shingles, it doesn’t necessarily mean your roof won’t have hail damage. Other signs to look for are dents on your roof vents, gutters and roof flashing.

What’s the first thing you should do when you think your roof has hail damage?

Have you been affected by damaging size hail? We recommend you schedule an inspection with a trusted, local roofing company sooner rather than later as insurance companies have a time limit on which homeowners are able to file a claim after a storm.

If the pictures show signs of hail damage, the insurance company will send out an adjuster to do an inspection to confirm. If the adjuster agrees after their inspection, then your claim will be approved.