Roofing in the Winter

As temperatures dip and Minnesota property owners look at construction projects, it’s natural to consider the impact of weather conditions on the pace of work.

Although the first assumption may be that winter is a bad time to plan a construction project, there can be some benefits to pushing your project forward when it’s cold outside.

Pro: Fewer Delays in Starting Projects

During busy work seasons, some contractors can face delays not related to the climate so much as having a list of construction jobs needing to be done to meet tight deadlines or emergency repair needs. With fewer projects in the queue during slower work seasons, property owners may be able to get construction completed with less stress and frustration.

Pro: Winter is a Less Busy Time for Everyone

As professionals, we understand that if you’re about to begin a construction project, you may want to be around to follow the progress. During the summer, some people delay the start of roof installations or new constructions due to summer vacations or plans for Memorial, Independence and Labor Day holidays. Beyond Christmas and New Year’s, the winter offers a period of several months without such potential interruptions.

Con: Weather and temperature related restrictions on roofing materials and tools

Some roofing materials require particular weather and temperature conditions, in order to ensure optimal performance. If these manufacturer specifications are not followed, you will end up with a failing roof very fast. Outside temperatures can affect sealing and the ability of adhesives to dry. Metal shingles and standing seam roofs may be installed in any weather, including cold temperatures.

Asphalt shingles can be installed in cold weather, but it isn’t advisable to do so. These shingles can become brittle and crack in freezing temperatures. What’s more, shingles, which require heat to seal properly, might be blown off or leak unless the temperature rises.

If you are looking to have your roof repaired or replaced, we can assist in helping you decide which roof type is right for you as well as offer competitive prices. We are no strangers to the Minnesota cold. Book your free consultation to discuss what will best suit your needs and go over the best timeline for your project